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This web site specializes in being a place for:
Consultants/Contractors who want to extensively advertise their services.
Individuals in business who are looking for an expert with specific skills to solve some problem or fill a temporary requirement, without paying finders fee.
Recommended flexible IT/computer training at very affordable prices.
An archive of information and resources of general interest to consultants and small independent businesses. | Introduction: History and Plans | Price List | Signup |

    The results of the following searches are best viewed by a browser supporting tables such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Although currently presented in the form of a hypertext list, the membership database will soon be searchable online by the following categories:
  1. Finding Individual Consultants By Skill or Specialty
  2. Finding Individual Consultants By Name
  3. Finding Individual Consultants By Company Name or Professional Title
  4. Finding Individual Consultants by Location and Availability

Who is listed here?

We are consultants / contractors / experts in our field who wish to use the Internet to expand the access to clients who need our services. The intention is to provide a direct, more professional, method for making consultants known and available to potential companies in need. Each member (consultant) has provided a list of specialties that serve as a cross-reference to their particular expertise, a short narrative describing the services offered, and their availability. Optionally, some member have taken advantage of this server's fast response and available storage to post a customized homepage promoting their business.

Companies needing individuals on a contractual basis can freely scan the skill set and expertise of all members or use database search tools to more quickly identify individuals who match the required criteria. It is hoped that soon, this site will be the site most people turn to when searching for independent consultants and experts in specialized fields!

Generally individuals listed here think of consulting as their full time position--not as work between jobs, so this is not a good place to search to fill full-time permanent positions.

ConsultMe is NOT a contracting agency and we make no assurances that the people registered within are as qualified as they say they are. We do not provide any screening or make any contracting arrangements. However, this service does provide you with a means to get in contact with numerous professionals quickly to make your own evaluation. Each consultant handles his or her own negotiations and contract arrangements. Each consultant who places a resume or home page here pays a small monthly fee to cover the Internet and telecommunications charges. No finders fee is charged of the client.

Some more information on the ConsultMe introduction, history and plans, with information on how you can benefit from US company downsizing.

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